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MUB 062 630DV sileo Multibo-20

Количество фаз:
Класс изоляции:
Макс. температура перемещаемого воздуха, при регулровании скорости:
45 °C
Напряжение (номинальное):
400 В
Скорость вращения рабочего колеса:
1 328 об/мин
Есть в наличии (


Modular system

Integral thermal contacts

Low sound level

Flexible airflow direction due to removable panels

Installation in any mounting position

Maintenance-free and reliable

The MUB fan size 630DV have 3D profiled impellers with backward curved blades, manufactured from polyamide. MUB 630DV is equipped with external rotor motors, fully speed controllable. For speed controlling with a frequency converter a type with all pole sine filter is needed!. The motors are D/Y connected for two speed operation. Motor protection is done by thermal contacts, which have to be connected to an external motor protection device. The casing consists of an aluminium frame with fibreglass reinforced plastic corners of PA6; highly shock-resistant. The double skin panels are manufactured from galvanised steel with 20 mm mineral wool insulation. To avoid condensation the profile is provided with a separate chamber to fix screws. The Multibox fans are delivered for straight through airflow but can easily be rebuilt due to removable panels. This allows flexible ventilation solutions. The MUB can also be used as extract- or supply air unit in air handling units. Installation in any mounting position is possible.

MUB with additional modules (filters, heaters etc.) are available as air handling units "K025, K042 or K062" on request!

  • Количество фаз
  • Вес
    87 кг
  • Класс защиты, двигатель
  • Класс изоляции
  • Макс. температура перемещаемого воздуха, при регулровании скорости
    45 °C
  • Напряжение (номинальное)
    400 В
  • Потребляемая мощность
    2 642 Вт
  • Потребляемый ток
    4,62 A
  • Расход воздуха
  • Скорость вращения рабочего колеса
    1 328 об/мин
  • Соответствие ErP
    ErP 2016, ErP 2018
  • Температура перемещаемого воздуха
    макс. 45 °C
  • Тип двигателя
  • Уровень звукового давления на 3 м (20м?, сэбин)
    69 дБ(А)
  • Частота
    50 Hz
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