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FSL 1000-XL/XM/XP Flap snow

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FSL - flaps for snow load requirement suitable for DVV smoke and heat extract fans

Smoke and heat extract unit DVV with FSL flaps as accessories has the same rating as the basic unit, but snow load rating SL 1000. DVV with FSL flaps is suitable for installation on not heated buildings with snow load requirement SL 1000.

SL 1000 according to EN 12101-3

400°C/120min (F400) or 600°C/120min (F600), depends on basic DVV fan

Up to 120°C continuous operation

Flaps made from magnelis steel sheet

Vertical exhaust

Tested according to EN 12101-3 at TU Munich

Recommended to order factory mounted on the fan (saving place for transportation, saving time and costs for mounting on site)

It can be mounted after installation of fan, too

FSL flaps for DVV-XS, XL, XM, XP/F400, F600 can be mounted on the fan fitted with outlet silencer HSDV, too.

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