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Количество фаз:
Класс изоляции:
Макс. температура перемещаемого воздуха, при регулровании скорости:
55 °C
Напряжение (номинальное):
400 В
Скорость вращения рабочего колеса:
1 306 об/мин
Под заказ

Integrated pressure sensor

Temperature sensor for outdoor temperature compensation

Multipurpose LC display and keyboard

100 % speed controllable

Integrated motor protection

Safe and maintenance free operation


Sizes 315 up to 500 inclusive tilting device

Alarm relay(2A, 250VAC)

Two RS-485 interfaces for networking via MODBUS RTU

The DVCI-POC roof fans are driven by EC- external rotor motors, so called energy saving motors with high efficiency. The input voltage for single phase units can vary between 200 and 277V, for three phase units between 380 and 480V. All motors are suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz and from size 355 up to 710 suspended on effective vibration dampers. Motor protection is integrated in the electronics of the motor, no additional external motor protection device is needed.

The DVCI-POC versions have integrated pressure sensors and temperature sensor for outdoor temperature compensation. The electronics could be programmed for a pressure constant operation or pressure constant operation with outdoor temperature compensation. The factory setting is pressure constant operation with outdoor temperature compensation. All set point adjustments over the keyboard and all values were shown on the LC display. The purpose of the controller is to reach and maintain the target values set. To accomplish this, the measured actual value (sensor value) is compared with the adjusted target value, and the controlled value (modulation) is deduced from this. Controlled output of the controller is 0 - 10 V.

The casing is made from seawater-resistant aluminum,

soundproofed with 50mm mineral wool.

Base frame from galvanised steel. Backward curved impellers manufactured from polypropylen PP for size 315-710.

  • Количество фаз
  • Вес
    112 кг
  • Класс защиты, двигатель
  • Класс изоляции
  • Макс. температура перемещаемого воздуха, при регулровании скорости
    55 °C
  • Напряжение (номинальное)
    400 В
  • Потребляемая мощность
    2 938 Вт
  • Потребляемый ток
    4,32 A
  • Расход воздуха
  • Скорость вращения рабочего колеса
    1 306 об/мин
  • Соответствие ErP
    ErP 2016, ErP 2018
  • Температура перемещаемого воздуха
    макс. 55 °C
  • Тип двигателя
  • Уровень звукового давления на 10 м (свободное поле)
    46 дБ(А)
  • Уровень звукового давления на 4 м (свободное поле)
    54 дБ(А)
  • Частота
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