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CBM 100-0,6 230V/1 Duct heater

Напряжение (номинальное):
230 В
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Duct heater with integral control equipment

Duct heater with spigot connection for standard spiral circular ducts. Manufactured from Aluzinc-coated sheet steel with a heating element in stainless steel. The heater has integral overheating protection with a manual reset function. The CBM have rubber seals on the connecting spigots. The temperature is set on the cover of the duct heater. The unit is controlled by an integral electronic temperature regulator, using so-called time-proportional Pulse/Pause technology. This provides extremely precise temperature control. As a thyristor is used for adjusting the temperature, the unit has no moving parts. This means that it is silent and not susceptible to wear and tear. Terminals for interlocking the heater, via a pressure- and airflow guard are available in the terminal box. The minimum air volume is based on a minimum air velocity of 1.5 m/s. These duct heaters are designed for a maximum output air temperature of 50°C.

All CBMs are delivered with duct sensor TG-K330 (0-30


C) as standard.

  • Вес
    2,2 кг
  • Допустимая температура окружающей среды
    макс. 40 °C
  • Канальный охладитель/нагреватель
    Электрический нагреватель
  • Круглый, вход
    100 мм
  • Круглый, выход
    100 мм
  • Напряжение (номинальное)
    230 В
  • Потребляемая мощность
    600 Вт
  • Потребляемый ток
    2,6 A
  • Расход воздуха
    мин. 45 м2/ч
  • Тип подключения воздуховода
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